of Montreal "Skeletal Lamping" Review

There is a high degree of whimsy that accompanies each new of Montreal release, one that is evidenced by the overwhelming sexuality of the records, and one that is certainly apparent in the band's new album, Skeletal Lamping. Driven by a sexual freedom, singer Kevin Barnes's lyrical candor can often be as overwhelming as his on-stage presence. All the same, it isn't always clear what he's trying to say. "Wicked Wisdom," for instance, is boggling: "I'm just a black she-male/And I don't know what you people are all about." Then again, sometimes his lyrics are glowingly forthright: "We can do softcore if you want/But you should know I take it both ways."

This sexuality is just as vital to the band's success as it is to distinguishing and appealing to Of Montreal's fans. Additionally, it's vital that the band not shy away too far from the themes that have contributed to its headliner status, a mistake that isn't made with Skeletal Lamping. Take, for instance, the number of openly frigid conservatives at the band's shows compared to that of adoring adolescents and neo-hippies. Would drab recollections timidly bemoaning lost love honestly appeal to the latter? Probably not. Likewise, which group would be more receptive to such visually ripe lyrics as those in "St. Exquisite's Confessions": "I'm so sick of sucking the dick of this cruel world, I've forgotten what it takes to please a woman/But that's all gonna change"? Which group of listeners would be interested in an album that unnoticeably shifts between electro-funk and lightly shredding guitars? Accordingly, Of Montreal have identified its core audience and such a group of youthful, free-loving music listeners will not be disappointed by Skeletal Lamping.

[This article was first published by City Pages.]

Moby "Ooh Yeah!" Video

A video accompaniment for "Ooh Yeah!," one of the better tracks from Moby's recent Last Night album, has just been released via Mute Records. The Matteo Bernardini-directed clip was the winning entry in a recent contest sponsored by the web-video site Vimeo. While the video reflects a 1970s-themed porn shoot, it is more of an erotic spoof than anything; though erotic is definitely the key word in that phrase. "Ooh Yeah!" might not be as sharp or sleek as Britney's latest, but it does have a pizza delivery man, a staged car wash and a whole lot of titillating debauchery.

[This article was originally published by Prefix Magazine.]

Britney Spears "Womanizer" Video

Dawning a short black wig, leather pants, a chauffeur’s uniform and at times nothing at all, Britney Spears returns with a video for her new single "Womanizer." As unnecessarily sexual as it is a display of feminine power, the video serves as a motion to reclaim the pop spotlight that was once hers. Since last we saw Ms. Spears she has continued her overwhelmingly public collapse, something she attempts to satirize in the song, "You say I’m crazy, I got your crazy." Unfortunately for Britney however, at this point in time a photoshopped, glamorized portrayal of herself does little to make people forget of how truly crazy she is.

[This article was first published by Prefix Magazine.]