DJ Wick-It Interview

Nashville might still be best known as Music City, but for the past three years Wick-It the Instigator and his crew of like-minded underground artists have done their best to rechristen the city as Mashville. Starting out as a group of six DJs in August of 2007, subsequent comings and goings within the collective have left DJ Kidsmeal, DJ Orig & DJ Wick-It as the sole original members, now rounded out as a solid five-man team by Andrew Batemen and Mike Vulcan. Since first combining their efforts the DJs have built a solid following within the city largely due to their regularly hosted Mashville shows, a series which has since become “The longest running independent DJ showcase in and around Nashville.” “The whole idea behind the event was to make a monthly event rooted in hip hop, but also open to anything else the DJs wanted to play,” explained Wick-It in a recent email interview. “We attribute most of the event’s lasting power to the wide variety of genres it includes.” The live shows are just a single aspect of what the group does however; the heart of Mashville is still the music.

In October Wick-It dropped a special release commemorating the crew’s three year anniversary which mashed the likes of Nas with Men Without Hats and remixed Antoine Dodson’s viral “Bed Intruder” hit. There was one track on the mix that stood above the rest however, a mashup blending “Tighten Up” from the Black Keys with Big Boi’s “Shutterbug.” Within a month’s time word had spread about the set, reaching as high up Big Boi himself, who gave the track a shout out on his blog. “I never intended to make an entire mashup album of those two artists originally,” continued Wick-It. “But after Big Boi gave ‘Black Bug’ the triple blast on his website, Facebook, and Twitter… and his manager contacted me to give props, The Brothers of Chico Dusty was obviously the next step.”

The process of producing the seven additional tracks to round out the album took the producer about three weeks, “The goal was to get it out before Christmas, which was successful as it was released on December 21.” Now eight days after the album’s initial release, the eight tracks have already seen a slew of media blasts (ranging from Nah Right to the Smoking Section to Spin, where it currently remains the site’s most popular news item) and have racked up a staggering 280,000 combined plays on the album’s Soundcloud page.

Could this recent success be a sign of things to come for Wick-It and the crew in 2011? Who knows, really. But at least for the time being, the breakout mix has pushed a few more music fans to think of Mashville when thinking of Music City.

The entire eight track album is available as a free download (either as 320 kbps, FLAC or LOSSLESS files) at Wick-It’s Bandcamp page.

Best of 2010: Oh Land

Capping off a breakthrough year which saw Oh Land (the moniker of solo artist Nanna Øland Fabricius) showcased by a wide range of high profile media outlets (including this beautiful piece in Interview), the singer was recently named Artist of the Month by the Deli Magazine. In addition to that, the thirtytwo-directed clip for her track “Sun of a Gun” was recently named The Best Freshman Video by mtvU. Now as the dust settles on 2010 and the Danish vocalist looks ahead to the new year, Oh Land shares her favorite musical memories from the past year.


#1) My favorite album of the year is Beach House‘s Teen Dreams. I saw Beach House live for the first time at SXSW in 2009. I had just got signed to Epic and was over the moon. It had been such exhausting days with meetings and shows and running around and when I saw Beach House it just put me in a trance. It was like being under water. Since then I have always been listening to Beach House whenever everything is a bit chaotic…

#2) My favorite instrument of the year has been my big “Swiss army music box” that I have been designing together with my team of mad hatters. It was a really long process from idea developing, drawings, testing to the actual making of it. I play with it for all my live shows and it does what I’ve always wanted to do; give electronic music a physical body and not just be something streaming out of a computer. I am triggering all sorts of samples and sounds on drumpads and there’s a motion activated lightscreen on the front. I love crazy stuff like that, it makes me feel like a child.

#3) My favorite music video is “Bombay” by El Guincho. It must have taken forever to make it since it’s just a visual patchwork of great but simple ideas. I love the fact that none of it looks expensive or super produced, it just shows a great quirky mind and I don’t find the nudity in it racy at all. It’s all executed in a very tasteful and fun way. It makes me wanna crack eggs on my head and braid my hair together with other people’s hair (haha).

#4) Best TV performance idea: I thought MIA‘s “Born Free” performance on Letterman was visually a genius idea. She went on stage with about 10 lookalikes, all dressed like her, singing and performing. It was such a simple but super efficient idea and it was all about the staging for me.

#5) Best live concert I’ve been to this year must be Florence and the Machine at Terminal 5. She has such a great stage presence and I love the fact that she is completely herself. Not trying to move in any particular style but just looks like an elf coming from the forest enjoying music. She had a great and simple show and the live harp added an almost fairytale vibe to the show. I met her after the show and she was just as nice as the music is beautiful.

Best of 2010: Eli Escobar

“I wonder how long it will take until people will finally recognize the greatness of Eli Escobar” wrote Discodust in early 2009, but the New York-based DJ and producer’s service to the scene is far lengthier than the shout-out might suggest. Time Out explains how his “productions have that appealing blend of old-school house flavor and of-the-moment tang”; which is fitting though, as the the veteran DJ covers all of the above without a hint of irony. The man knows his stuff because he’s been there: influenced just as much by ’80s alternative as early Kid Capri, Escobar grew up in Harlem in the ’80s and consumed a diverse range of music which has done well to develop his aural palate, lending him a sincerity in his sets that isn’t widely felt in the club scene. A Puerto Rican father, a Greek mother, and an insatiable thirst for comic books and Fleetwood Mac, Escobar’s musical range is about as unique as the man is himself. This past year saw the DJ continue lighting up the night in addition to laying down a fresh track with “Might Like You Better”-vocalist Amanda Blank; a collaboration which became just one of his favorite musical memories from the past year. Checking in via email, here are Escobar’s highlights from 2010.


#1) The last hour of the Tiki Disco parties: This past summer DJs Lloydski, Andy Pry and I threw a Sunday evening party in the backyard area of the restaurant Roberta’s in Bushwick. We’d spend the day sitting in the sun, drinking margaritas and playing records but once the sun went down the dance floor would get going and it would transform into the most fun party ever. I was completely out of commission most Mondays of the summer thanks to Tiki Disco.

#) DJing In Chicago with Farley Jackmaster Funk: I suppose this would be the equivalent of Ralph Machio getting to jam with Robert Johnson at the crossroads or something. Anyways, a truly unforgettable night. It’s easy enough to play dance music for the kids, but super intimidating to play for a bunch of old heads in the home of house music.

#3) My single and video for “Love Thing (Pt. 3) ” featuring Amanda Blank: People always ask me why I never play my own music in my sets. The truth is I once I finish a song or remix, I usually hate it and can only hear the flaws in the mix down or think to myself “I shoulda changed this or that.” But for some reason I love this song and the video as well. I love it when Amanda sings and she wrote such an awesome, sad melody for my beat. I worked really hard on the music and remixed it over and over ’til I got it right. I guess it payed off!

#4) Hearing the Storm Queen record for the first time: This was at Lloyd and my monthly party “Work” at the Submercer in Soho. Lloyd played it and I was floored. So many great records need a little time to grow on you but sometimes a song is so great you know it right off the bat. I hope this will inspire more people in the indie dance scene to release vocal records.

#5) Getting packages from Discogs: An almost daily occurrence. It’s so fun getting records from the mailman everyday! Also when you order as many as I do, you start to lose track of what you’ve ordered so it’s kind of a surprise to see what you’ll get each day. I know buying music is way out of style but I still love it.

PJ Harvey “The Last Living Rose” Video

Recently speaking to director Seamus Murphy via email about the visuals used to accompany PJ Harvey‘s song “The Last Living Rose,” he explained, “I tried to present images that worked with the feelings, sensibility and rhythm of Polly’s beautiful song. So although they are not obvious or literal, they are not exactly random either.” This video serves as the first of 12 which the award-winning photographer will release in support of Harvey’s new album, Let England Shake. Appropriately, the visuals to each of the videos will feature both still and video footage which was captured during a 5000 mile road trip Murphy made throughout England.

Supporting Harvey on the track is long-time collaborator John Parish and Mick Harvey, formerly of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Let England Shake will be released February 15 via Vagrant Records.

Kanye West “Christmas in Harlem”

Just as he’s done all year long, Kanye West has once again dropped some free love on us in the form of his latest Good Friday release, “Christmas in Harlem.” And like he’s done with track after track which were offered leading up to the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, West has again recruited an all-star cast to help give the song its pop. The Christmas vibe isn’t to suggest that “Harlem” isn’t without its controversies though, as MTV explained recently, the addition of Cam’Ron to the track is perhaps an odd one considering the Dipset MC’s recent shot at Kanye on the “Runaway” remix he did with Jim Jones. “And Kanye, you a sucka niggaa, dissed Dame so my attitude is fuck the nigga/Sucked off Jigga, how you gonna live with that?/Took the beat, now come get it back.” Despite the spat, the two have apparently put that behind them in celebration of the season. Happy holidays, y’all.

Keegan DeWitt “Reluctance” Video

“Reluctance” is the second of two videos to come in support of Keegan DeWitt‘s most recent 7″ release, following the Chad Hartigan-directed “Two Hearts” which dropped a month ago. The track’s status as a b-side is by no means indicative of any sort of inferiority to the lead single however; Ryan Burleson of the Nashville Scene recently reviewed the release, calling the track “A shimmering, reverb-drenched duet.” When asked about the track’s development, DeWitt explained via email that the song had been with him for quite some time before being released, “‘Reluctance’ is a song I had for awhile, and I had been keeping it set aside from everything. Initially I only had a few small bits of the verse but something about that very first melodic phrase, ‘I know I’m gonna have a hard time with you.’ It really struck me and felt really tender towards the song. It took me about a year of holding onto it before I finally sat down to finish it.”

While slowly maturing through DeWitt’s voice, the final version of the single largely ends up focusing on the vocals of Nashville’s Isaaca Bird, who plays with DeWitt’s live band. He continued, “About six months ago, Isaaca started playing with us on and off. I was a really big fan of her family’s band the Bridges and had followed them for awhile. When I first saw them, Isaaca was just this amazing bassist who stood towards the back of the stage. One night, we were all playing a show together and I heard them warming up, and there was this insanely unique and striking voice happening. I looked around at all of them and had a double take when I realized it was Isaaca. That was when things started to click into gear in my mind, I wanted her to sing the song. I sat with her and played through it a couple times and I finally finished the lyrics a few days later.”

The rest, as they say, is history. The duo performed the song for the first time at a Next Big Nashville showcase this past summer before putting everything together for the recording of the track. DeWitt recalls a sense of tenderness that was felt when first performing the song, something that director Will Holland attempted to play to with the video.

“I essentially loved the idea of how we always overly romanticize two major events between a couple,” explained Holland in an email. “The first time they meet and the first time they kiss.” The video complements the song’s structure as it carefully follows a number of couples as a special moment develops for each. “I wanted to allow a viewer to witness small interactions between several couples that lead to an immediate pay off of an intimate moment. The video is, in essence, slowly paced. But it is also rewarding in the sense that you view small moments of interaction that are very real… that end in a dramatized version of where we would all like to be at some point.”

The “Two Hearts”/”Reluctance” 7″ was recently released via Theory 8 Records and can be purchased from the label’s website or iTunes. The singer/songwriter has also shared a pair of demos here that capture various stages of the track’s formation. The “First Demo” recording documents the first time that the group played through the track together while the “Worktape” the vocal development of the song (the latter is also availabla as part of the special digital version of the 7″ on iTunes). The track’s lead single, “Two Hearts” is also available below as a free download.

Best of 2010: Sims of the Doomtree crew

To put it lightly, the past year has been a good one for Minneapolis’ Doomtree collective. And with releases by from Dessa, Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak already in the can, 2011 looks to kick off on a high note with the release of Sims‘ Bad Time Zoo. The MC recently sent over this video, explaining his favorite memories from the year gone by: touching on the Doomtree tour and watching GAYNGS lay down “The Gaudy Side Of Town” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in addition to revealing some info on his upcoming projects. Bad Time Zoo is set to drop February 15 via Doomtree Records.

Also, for those in the area, Sims will be performing at Minneapolis’ 501 Club on New Years Eve. Kristoff Krane will be opening.

Favorite Albums of 2010

This is the sixth list of its kind that I’ve put together on Culture Bully, counting down the top albums of the year. Something that I’ve noticed along the way however is that the term “top” or “best” (or whatever) has apparently come to take on an entirely different definition nearly every year since starting out. Some years the list has merely showcased “what I’m listening to right now” and others it has represented the music that I’ve simply enjoyed to the most. You can throw much of the ranking process here out the window as it’s mostly arbitrary… there’s no way I can definitively say that I like Grinderman’s newest effort any less than I enjoy Neil Young’s, but the numbers are there to help assist if ever a Sophie’s Choice scenario should arise: If I have to pick between the two, the rankings represent which I’d keep. Let’s just hope it never comes to that. The list this year is simply a countdown of my personal favorites, largely based on which albums I’ve listened to and enjoyed the most during the past 12 months. Hope there’s something here we can agree on.

#22) Grinderman Grinderman 2

Be it the progressive moan of “Worm Tamer,” the downright sinister “Heathen Child,” the relentless “Evil,” or the twisting organ of “Bellringer Blues,” Grinderman 2 is emphatic answer to the question of whether or not Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos had anything left in the tank: Goddamn right they do.

#21) Belle and Sebastian Write About Love

An exemplary album that, with its effortless melodies and tracklist infested with earworms just waiting to unleash their infectiousness, is criminally easy to overlook.

#20) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Mojo

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have now released an album in five decades. FIVE! If that’s not impressive in and of itself, listen to the way the band sounds rejuvenated with Mojo, playing a dirty blues-inspired rock that is largely unheard throughout the Heartbreakers’ catalog. Unlike many groups of their same vintage, the band is seemingly as relevant now as they’ve ever been.

#19) Neil Young Le Noise

Could’ve been Daniel Lanois’ direction, could’ve been the return to performing solo; but whatever it was, I hope Neil Young is able to keep on creating music of this quality for many years to come. Does anyone abuse fuzz as well as Neil Young does?

#18) Johnny Cash American VI: Ain’t No Grave

Johnny Cash recorded the songs and Rick Rubin gave them life. I can’t think of an album that is as equally foreboding and haunting as it is enthusiastic and celebratory.

#17) Arcade Fire The Suburbs

Win Butler might not be the next-generation Springsteen that he’s made out to be, but it’s still difficult to argue that the success surrounding the band’s breakthrough release is unwarranted. The Suburbs is simply a tremendous album.

#16) Janelle Monáe The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III)

Such names as Kanye and Big Boi have called Monáe one of the most unique and talents creating music right now. Considering that The ArchAndroid is merely the first full length from the eye-catching 25 year old, it’s going to be interesting to follow the singer as she continues to find her place amongst the pop music landscape.

#15) Hank Williams III Rebel Within

Back story about the notorious conflict between Williams and his (now former) label aside, with Rebel III has created a recording that lyrically touches on uncharacteristic topics such as gut-check introspection and the terrifying nature of mortality. This isn’t to say that Hank’s gone soft—it’s still full of rowdy-as-fuck hellbilly drinking anthems—but it just goes to show that there’s a little more to the man than the surface might suggest.

#14) The Black Keys Brothers

So much could be said about how Brothers is THE album that put the Black Keys “on the map,” but it’s only the latest in a string of fantastic recordings that have each helped the band broaden their fan base. Longtime fans might shrug off the accolades, noting how the album isn’t their “best” to date, but it’s definitely powerful enough to deserve the reaction it’s received this year.

#13) Lil Wayne I Am Not a Human Being

If Human Being is the result of a hastily produced marathon session, presented as an album full of leftovers, one can’t help wonder what the MC has in store for Tha Carter IV.

#12) Black Mountain Wilderness Heart

Wilderness Heart was initially suggested to be a break from Black Mountain’s unfailing reinterpretation of the chugging riffs of hard rock’s early innovators. The sparse elements of folksiness that wind throughout ultimately do little to distract from the fact that this is still a fantastic hard rock band though.

#11) Crystal Fighters Star of Love

The debut album from a group of electronic-heavy hippies whose songs are tremendously well constructed despite being overshadowed by the massive nature of their sound. Time will tell whether the group is able to duplicate their success with a follow-up, but as it stands they’ve already proven their chops.

#10) The Chemical Brothers Further

Stylistically returning to the sound that led to the duo’s breakthrough in the mid-’90s, Further is a progressive electronic album so good that it almost makes you forget about “The Salmon Dance.” Almost.

#9) Crystal Castles Crystal Castles II

The contrast between airy innocence and furious aggression is one that few musicians are able to pull off. While the music doesn’t always translate in the live arena, on the album the Toronto-based duo is able to convey an innovative spirit that few of their contemporaries even come close to.

#8) Mondo Cane Mondo Cane

If for some reason you still carry any misgivings about Mike Patton’s ability as a vocalist, Mondo Cane is here to put those feelings to rest. With this “orchestral recreation of Italian pop songs from the ’50s and ’60s,” the man further reveals the extent to which he’s willing to experiment. His range is unreal and the backing talent is able to match him step for step, each complementing one another through the wildly unpredictable and enjoyable album.

#7) The Soft Pack The Soft Pack

There is absolutely nothing flashy about the Soft Pack nor their self-titled album. Keeping that in mind, it’s still hard not to be impressed by their ability to draw such compelling songs from such lean lyrics and music.

#6) Kid Cudi The Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

The diary of an immensely talented vocalist, capturing the thoughts of a young man as learns how to live with fame, family, and most importantly: himself. Backed by a dark soundtrack, the dynamic production on the album covers any holes left by the few instances of Cudi’s lyrical inconsistency.

#5) Cee-Lo Green The Lady Killer

The Lady Killer has all the right things going for it: an indie rock cover that puts the original to shame, a viral smash, and a chameleon-like vocalist who is able to effortlessly bob and weave through genres without creating the slightest bit of aural turbulence along the way.

#4) Yeasayer Odd Blood

The personnel shift—swapping drummer Luke Fasano for Jason Trammell and Ahmed Gallab—did little to impede any flow of creativity within the band’s makeup. A diverse extension of the bountiful creativity first put on display with 2007′s All Hour Cymbals, Odd Blood conveys a glowing enthusiasm which has the power to lighten even the darkest of moods.

#3) Robyn Body Talk

Pop music is largely in a transitional state right now. One thing that remains consistent however is Robyn’s ability to interpret for herself what it means to stay fresh. As the year progressed, her Body Talk EPs increasingly revealed her to not only be the most unapologetically confident of artists in the wide-reaching genre, but also the most consistent.

#2) The Roots How I Got Over

Any reservations about how the Roots’ residency on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon might affect the band’s edge were squashed when the group dropped the long-overdue How I Got Over this summer. Lyrically thunderous and ceaselessly soulful, the group put together an effort that stood above all others… except one…

#1) Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Fantasy may or may not eventually go down as Kanye’s most highly acclaimed album, but for the time being the polarizing MC will have to settle with having simply created the most robust, flamboyant, and downright nasty recording of the year.

Favorite Mashups of 2010

This is Culture Bully’s sixth annual list of the year’s top mashups, and this time around I thought it’d be nice to switch things up a bit. Instead of simply compiling a list of my own personal picks, I invited a slew of mashup producers to vote for their favorites from 2010. Quickly, here’s how voting worked: I asked everyone to send in a list of their favorite two or three mashups from the past year (I deleted picks which selected mashups that were released in past years). If they sent in more than three I still listed them below on their individual ballots, but only three picks counted toward the final totals. Whether the track received a first or third place vote, it only counted for one point toward the final total. I also tallied total votes for individual producers; again, only counting individuals’ first three votes. Lastly, no one was allowed to vote for themselves.

Over 50 bastard pop producers sent in their picks, and by a wide margin the highest rated mashup of the year was Fissunix’ “Whole Sex Lotta Machine,” which combines Zeppelin and a little J.B. with Run-DMC & Aerosmith’s classic rap/rock collaboration. Below you’ll find download links for each individual track that made the final list. Please search around among the links: I promise you’ll find something fantastic that you’ve never heard before!


The Top Mashup/Bootleg/Bastard Pop Producers of 2010



Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love” vs. James Brown “Sex Machine” vs. Run-DMC & Aerosmith “Walk This Way”

Crookers feat. Yelle “Cooler Couler (Junkie XL Remix)” vs. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Papa Roach “Last Resort” vs. Rihanna “Rude Boy”

Lady Gaga feat. Beyone “Telephone” vs. Metallica “Enter Sandman”

Village People “Y.M.C.A.” VS. Cocoon “Chupee”

Lamb “Gorecki” vs. the Eagles “One of These Nights”

Alexandra Burke “All Night Long” vs. Cheryl Cole “Fight For This Love” vs. Chipmunk feat. Esmee Denters “Until You Were Gone” vs. Dizzee Rascal “Bonkers” vs. Ellie Goulding “Starry Eyed” vs. Jason Derulo “In My Head” vs. JLS “One Shot” vs Justin Bieber “Baby” vs. Ke$ha “Tik Tok” vs. Pixie Lott “Mama Do” vs. Rihanna “Rude Boy” vs. Scouting For Girls “This Ain’t a Love Song” vs. Tinie Tempah “Pass Out” vs. Usher feat. Will.I.Am “OMG” vs. The Wanted “All Time Low”

Queen “Another One Bites the Dust” vs. Crookers feat. Yelle “Cooler Couler (Junkie XL Remix)”

Bombs Away “Big Booty Bitches” vs. LMFAO “I’m in Miami Bitch!” vs. Busta Rhymes “I Love My Bitch” vs. Sir Mix-a-Lot “Baby Got Back”

Stromae vs. “Dance All Stars” (Kraftwerk “The Robots” vs. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock “It Takes Two” vs. Patrick Hernandez “Born To Be Alive” vs. Lipps Inc. “Funky Town” vs. Technotronic “Pump Up the Jam” vs. Frankie Nuckles “Your Love” vs. Run-DMC “It’s Like That (Jason Nevins Remix)” vs. Robin S “Show Me Love” vs. Storm “Storm” vs. Snap! “Rhythm is a Dancer” vs. C&C Music Factory “Everybody Dance Now” vs. Daft Punk “Around the World” vs. the Chemical Brothers “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” vs. Felix Da Housecat “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” vs. Underworld “Born Slippy” vs. Benny Benassi “Satisfaction” vs. the Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki “Warp”)

Visage “Fade to Grey (Michael Grey Remix)” vs. Kylie Minogue “All the Lovers”

The Prodigy “Voodoo People” vs. Beastie Boys “Sabotage”

Headman “Blue Boys” vs. the Cure “Lullaby (Remix)” vs. Phoenix “Everything is Everything (a capella)”

Major Lazer “Pon de Floor” vs. Axel F. “Bevery Hills Cop (theme)”

Yolanda be Cool & DCUP “We No Speak Americano” vs. Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” vs. Phantom of the Opera vs. Bob Sinclair “Rock This Party” vs. Benny Benassi “Satisfaction”

Jimmy Ruffin “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” vs. Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars”


The Reborn Identity “I’ve Never Missed You”
G3RSt “Dub of Fire”
LeeDM101 “Blue Boys Cure Everything”

Apollo Zero Website | Facebook | MySpace


BootOX “Remember the Curious Gossip”
Wax Audio “Stayin’ Alive In the Wall”
Mighty Mike “Cocoon People”
dj BC “No Sleep Til Liza”


DJs from Mars “California Girls Jump” (Katy Perry vs. Van Halen)

Ben Double M Website


The Kleptones
The Hood Internet

Cheap DJ YouTube


DJ Gaston “Cooler Bites the Dust”
Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
Mighty Mike “Cocoon People”
DJ Gaston “With L.E.S. Kids”
DJ Gaston “Shut up Man”
DJ Gaston “Always Superstition”
Fissunix “MCs Just Want to Celebrate”
Fissunix “Starlight Traffic”
Mighty Mike “Waiting In Heaven”
Party Ben “This Tightrope’s Made for Walkin’”
Amoraboy “Amymagine”


#1) BRAT “One Of These Nights”
Eagles meet Lamb in the absolutely best and most outstanding mash-up of the year.
#2) Go Home Productions “Smells Like Rockin’ Robin”
Insane. Classic, for sure.
#3) Divide & Kreate “The Final Love”
Possibly the cheesiest mashup ever, by my very good friend D&K from Sweden.
#4) Mighty Mike “Waiting in Heaven”
Very unexpected and very cool combo with Bob Marley and The Cure(!).
#5) Apollo Zero “Shame Machine”
My good friend Apollo simply kills it with this tremendous mash-up of Depeche oldie “Shame” and Grand Popo Football Club’s “Smashing Machine.”
#6) Phil RetroSpector “Monkey Gone to Opera”
The Young Punx vs The Pixies vs Goldfrapp in a trademark melancholy trip by my mate Phil.


Lobsterdust “Knock Out Eileen”
Sugamotor “Bitter Boy”
BRAT “One of These Nights”

Divide & Kreate Website | Facebook | MySpace


Phil RetroSpector “Chasing the Broken Hearted”

DJ Brother Darkness Twitter |


LeeDM101 “Radioactive Tubular Girls”
CjR Mix “Dangerous Sex In A Bottle”
Phil Retrospector “Dub Be Goodbye Me”
DJ Morgoth “Carry On My Wayward Island”
DJ Bahler “El Lobo y la Luna”


dj BC

DJ Flack Website | MySpace


Fissunix “Whole Lotta Sex Machine”
Yold “Flex Up!”
The Bootleague “Our Teachers”


Wale “Good Girls (Andrew Clark + Quix Remix)”
Swedish House Mafia vs. DJ Khaled “All We Do is One (Jason Smith Blend)”
A-Trak “O Let’s Overdo It”

DJ Geometrix Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Party Ben “This Tightrope’s Made for Walkin’”
Mojochronic “(Rudolf) You Don’t Have To Turn On The Red Light”

DJ McFly Website | Facebook | MySpace


DJ Schmolli “Cooler Rock ‘n’ Roll”
Marc Johnce “Flex Gym Duck”
Eve Massacre “All the Lovers Are Drunk”

DJ Mif Website | MySpace


DJ Schmolli “Rude Boy Resort”
Mashup-Germany “Everybody Speaks No Americano”
DJs From Mars “Alors On Danse”


DJs From Mars “Enter Telephone”
Titus Jones “I Wanna Bulletproof Dancer”

DJ Paul V. Website | Twitter | Facebook


Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper “All Talk”

DJ Riko Website | MySpace


#1) Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
#2) DJs From Mars “Alors On Danse”
#3) DJ Clive$ter “I Was Made For Loving Virgins”
#4) Mashup-Germany “Can You Hear The Sirens Coming”
#5) Phil RetroSpector “Chasing The Broken Hearted”

DJ Schmolli Website | Facebook | MySpace


#1) DJs from Mars “Enter Telephone”
#2) Divide & Kreate “Kissie Minogue”
#3) The Kleptones “Gimme Gimme”

DJ ShyBoy Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


DJ Stroke Facebook | MySpace


#1) Dan Mei & Marc Johnce “Smooth Romance”
#2) DJ Morgoth “Stylo It’s No Good”
#3) Fatboy Slim “Weapon Of Choice (Rhythm Scholar Groove-A-Thon Remix)”
#4) Taio Cruz “Dynamite (In My Head) (S.I.R. Remix)”
#5) The Kleptones “Surf Mountain”

DJ Useo Website | Soundcloud


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
DJ Gaston “Always Superstition”
Lobsterdust “Celeplanes”

DJ Y Alias JY Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
DJ Moule “Good Love, Good Rock”
Mighty Mike “Cocoon People”
Fissunix “Doin’ the Jumpo”
Party Ben “The Tightrope’s Made For Walkin’”
Madmixmustang “Very Golden Brownious”

DJ Zebra Website | Facebook | MySpace


#1) The Kleptones “Voodoo Sabotage”
#2) Mashup-Germany “Stay Another Day N Nite”
#3) g4gorilla & CjR Mix “Given Up Single Ladies”

DJs From Mars Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Mighty Mike “Black or Free”
LeeDM101 “(Find Myself) A Heap Of Love”
DJ Gaston “Gunns Are Burning”
Sugamotor “Bitter Boy”
DJ Y Alias JY & Amoraboy “Beg It Again (DJ Y alias JY’s Check It Out Re-Funk Rework)”
ToToM “New Moon Steppin’ Up”
M’siou Rigolitch “Boban Markologic”
ElectroSound “What You Know In My Place”
Elocnep “Duck Sauce ADD an SUV”
Wax Audio “The Final Teen Spirit Mashup”
FAROFF “Ray No Speak Americano”
DJ Moule “Good Love, Good Rock”
DJ Schmolli “Cooler Rock ‘n’ Roll”
DJ Bynar “Reigning Knights of No Man’s Land”
Jarod Ripley “Just The Way U Are”


The Reborn Identity “American Days Are Over”
Wonderful! Very well executed and tugs at the heart strings. Breathes new life into both tracks, despite having heard them both hundreds of times. Fantastic.
The Kleptones Downtime The whole album. It’s great, it’s too hard to pick a favourite, I love “Untired and Correspondence” in particular, but the journey they make up is terrific. Pretty much everything on it is unique and extremely soulful as well as being very well produced. Music to stare out of windows on trains to.
Fleetwood Mac “Everywhere (Psychemagik re-edit)” Another track I have to mention despite not being a mashup as such is Psychemagik’s re-edit of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere. Quite how they’re managed to take just one track and make it more emotional, dreamy and sublime yet at the same time turning it into a dancefloor groover is beyond me entirely. Awesome.

Flying White Dots Website | Twitter | MySpace


DJ Schmolli “Big Bootie Bitches in Miami”
DJ Morgoth “Lifeline Princess”
DJs From Mars “Carl Orff vs. Linkin Park”

FrogTheDawg Website


#1) The Shits “Blur 52′s”*
#2) Giles Who Boy “Broken Mirror”*
#3) G3RSt “Venus Whip”

Frunt Room Website


#1) MadMixMustang “Holiday Of Choice”
#2) DJ Schmolli “Rude Boy Resort”
#3) Eric Arthur “Glory Fox”
#4) Lobsterdust “Knock Out Eileen”
#5) Retarded Cunt “Hamburgers”
#6) Rillen Rudi “Ni Ten Ichi Rude Boy”


#1) Ludachrist “Pon De Foley”
#2) Chambaland “Invisible Gurls”

The Hood Internet Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace | Wikipedia


LeeDM101 “Bob’s Twilight Phone”
Angels & Filth “Boulevard”

The Kleptones Website | Twitter | MySpace | Wikipedia


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
Dunproofin’ “All The Lovers Fade To Grey”
MashMike “Move it, Barbra”

KrazyBen Website | Facebook | MySpace


#1) Ian Fondue “Kiss You”
#2) MadMixMustang “We No Can Dance”
#3) Dj Tripp “How Low in the House”
#4) Obvious Productions “Standing in the Way of Your Friends”
#5) Go Home Productions “Smells Like Rockin’ Robin”


#1) Party Ben “Beat Sauce”
#2) DJ Schmollo “Cooler Rock N Roll”
#3) Fissunix “Whole Lotta Sex Machine”

Lobsterdust Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Ludachrist “Pon De Foley”
LeeDM101 “Blue Boys Cure Everything”
The Glitch Mob “Bad Wings In For The Kill”

Loo & Placido Facebook | MySpace


DJs From Mars “Enter Telephone”
DJ Schmolli “Rude Boy Resort”
Mighty Mike “Imagine A Jump”
Lobsterdust “Knock Out Eileen”

Marc Johnce Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


#1) Pheugoo “Hometown Bitch”
#2) MadMixMustang “Don’t Stop Bromancing”
#3) Xam “Stylo Can’t Dance”

Mash2Mix Website | Facebook | MySpace


#1) DJs From Mars “Radio Tok Tok”
#2) Xam “God is a Memorie”
#3) DJ Y Alias JY “Thunderstruck Right Now”

Maxx Destrukt Website | Facebook


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
Had me flippin’ and bouncin’ like a wigged out trampoline.
Apollo Zero “Workin’ Hot Techno Pop”
Had me acting insane like a Travis Bickle’d DeNiro.
DJ McFly “If You Jinglin’”

Mojochronic MySpace | Soundcloud


Hawkins’ “XXX”

Mr. Fab Website


#1) Symphony Of Science “Wave Of Reason”
#2) Pogo “Wishery”
#3) DJ Earworm “Like, OMG Baby”

Norwegian Recycling Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Instamatic “Nasty Chewing Girls (12″ Bubblicious Genius mix)”
ToToM “Best of Your Own Church
DJ Le Clown “Evil Whisky Bar”


The Reborn Identity “Sweet Mountain High”
DJ Bynar “Mullholland Empire (Dark Mix)”

Phil RetroSpector Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Dunproofin’ “You’re Not Roxanne”
ToTom “3’s Right Now & 7’s Tonight”

Pytski Website


#1) DJ Schmolli “Undone Lullaby”
#2) LeeDM101 “Roxanne’s Tainted Fly”
#3) MadMixMustang “You Rock My Rock”


Fissunix “Whole Lotta Sex Machine”
Phil RetroSpector “Chasing the Broken-Hearted”

The Reborn Identity Website | Facebook | MySpace


FAROFF “No Womanizer Knows”
DJ Schmolli “Big Booty Bitches In Miami”
dj BC “Could You Be Love Gamed”
PartyBen “California Clever”
Phil Retrospector “Chasing The Broken Hearted”
Sam Flanagan “Brimful of Bonkers”
Sugamotor “Orchid Colours”

Solcofn Website | Blog


#1) The Hood Internet “Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder)”
#2) DJ Stroke “House of Homey (Money To Blow Remix)”
#3) The White Panda “How We Remember”

Supermash Bandcamp | Soundcloud


Dunproofin “All the Lovers Fade to Grey”
MadMixMustang “I Got More Than A Feeling”

Thriftshop XL Website | MySpace


#1) The Kleptones “Jump You Fucker”
#2) Mashup-Germany “Sexy Bitch In Memphis”

Titus Jones Website | Twitter | MySpace


dj BC “Say Say Say La La La”
I’m very difficult with hip-hop mashups nowadays and this one just nails it.
Mighty Mike “Nothin Ironic”
A great take on Alanis’ song.
DJ Schmolli “Cooler Rock ‘n’ Roll” / DJ Gaston “Cooler Bites the Dust”
And finally two mashup with the same instrumental. I can’t tell which one is better, they’re banging, excellent ideas and feature classic vocals both.


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
oki “Is She Really Going Acapella?”
Marc Jonce “Not My Smoke Tonight”
Fissunix “Doin’ The Jumpo”
oki “Bizarre Bottom Girls”
DJ Jeff Jones “Party In The Empire State”
DJ Schmolli “Rude Boy Resort”
MadMixMustang “Downtown Girl”
Amoraboy “Feel the Joker”
Norwegian Recycling “Miracles”

Voicedude Website


Mashup-Germany “Everybody Speaks No Americano”
Very enjoyable (and danceable mashup) keeps me bouncing across the room every time I put this on.
DJ Earworm “Like, OMG Baby”
Multimashup like only dj earworm could provide us.

Xam Website | Facebook | MySpace

[This article was featured by Boing Boing.]

Best of 2010: Madison

Even when throatily breathing her way through a cheeky rendition of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” does Madison‘s vocal approach ooze a succulent playfulness that is as enticing musically as it is entirely seductive. Having previously released a taste of what’s to come with the forthcoming The Noise Some People Make EP, the vocalist has already drawn out plans to make a huge splash in the new year with the release of three more EPs. However, the multiple EPs or general pop label isn’t to suggest she’s an American counterpart to someone like Robyn who has nearly singlehandedly revitalized the role of a pop vocalist. Rather, as Alt Sounds explained, “The kind of music being produced by the mono-named Madison here is undeniably pop, but is also smeared with a knowing cloak of irony.” She’s sugary, but not without realizing so, and sultry without the tired implication of transparent innocence. As the date nears for The Noise Some People Make to drop (January 18 via +1 Records) the singer checked in to reflect on the year that was, sharing her top musical moments of 2010.


Iceland Airwaves: It is very popular to drink until you vomit in Iceland. I saw this at many show and clubs. It was awesome.

The Postelles: Who are cute! The Postelles rocked it in a really killer venue that was like an old theater on a lake called Iðnó

Coachella 2010: Bobby Womack onstage with Gorrilaz, wobblin’, hootin’, wailin’ and shufflin’ all over the place. Anyone who can squeeze in several OWWWWWWs and LOOKOUTs for no reason onstage are #1 in my book.

Muse: No one can say this band is not killer live, even if you’re not a Muse fan, they kill it and Matthew Bellamy has rock star chops. The mid-performance change of pants was definitely a pretty chic move.

Flying Lotus: Makes me smile because he obviously loves what he is doing and it shows. He jams so hard in a nonchalant kind of way… Like, “oh this old beat, nah!”

Phoenix: Sundown. Twilight. Magic hour. Spark up doobie. Perfect warm mellow vibe. When they started their set it was like a tribal call to the wild: “Come hither. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the words.”

CMJ NYC 2010: Electric Tickle Machine. Mid-day, Mid-week upstairs at Pianos can be lame but not with this band bringing the fire. In particular the tambourine man, a tall drink of water—sassy as all get out! I see you shakin’ that ass.

Top Albums/EPs of 2010:
Twin Shadow Forget
The Morning Benders Big Echo
Local Natives Gorilla Manor
Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Matt and Kim Sidewalks
Jamie Lidell Compass
Mumord and Sons Sigh No More
Arcade Fire The Suburbs
Rihanna Loud
Keegan Dewitt Nothing Shows

Albums I can’t wait for: Magic Wands, Life in Film & Chappo.

Best of 2010: Kevin Devine of Bad Books

The roots of Bad Books originally began to form a few years back as Kevin Devine and the Manchester Orchestra toured together in late-2008. As camaraderie grew, so too did the concept of working on a collaborative project. Earlier in 2010 those plans began to materialize, Devine eventually revealing that the musicians were planning a release as Bad Books which would drop later in the year. As the year progressed the band also laid the groundwork for a brief tour, which resulted in a select few east coast dates this past fall. The album, simply titled Bad Books, saw its release in October, with general reaction citing the unique blend between the individual styles represented in the group. PopMatters commented, “Listeners expecting a carbon copy of either Devine’s modern troubadour or Manchester Orchestra’s high-energy angst-pop may be surprised to find elements of both combined here to create a richer, layered experience.” Now, as 2011 approaches, vocalist Kevin Devine looks back on the whirlwind year by sharing his favorite musical moments and records from 2010.

#1) Seeing Pavement at Coachella in April: We played the same day as them (hours earlier on a much smaller stage, but hey). When I was 15 I saw Pavement at Lollapalooza and threw cassette tape demos of my band at the stage (hoping, I guess, Malkmus would catch up, pop it in on the van ride that night, and decide sight unseen to take the asshole who just tried to kill him on tour). Superchunk also played that show and basically shaped everything about the way I wanted to play onstage from that point on. Mac was five feet away from me sidestage in April in Indio watching Pavement reunited. My brain still can’t totally process it. The show was fucking great, Malkmus was hysterically droll (“And, that was the ’90s” after ‘Cut Your Hair’”) and Bob Nastanovich handed out beer to strangers and hugged me as he walked off stage. Had a wonderful encore of this experience with my younger brother and girlfriend at the Agganis Arena at Boston University in September, but this was the true mindblower.

#2) LCD SoundsystemThis Is Happening” & Coachella performance: This record and this band manage a rare and impressive trick—they make accessibly specific palatable music that is as popular as it is undeniably subcultural. Their best record is dense, smart, arch, sincere, broad in its influences without being derivative, just very realized and developed dance music for and by ex-punks. They tore it up before Jay-Z at Coachella, too. Managed to look both totally comfortable and totally aware of the insanity of the moment. I was charmed.

#3) The National “Bloodbuzz Ohio”: I liked the whole High Violet record, but the single for me stood on its shoulders. Just such an undeniably cool and appealing and propulsive song, killer melody, great lyrics, and a refreshingly adult song in its treatment of sexuality, identity, loss of direction. A very appropriate song for a specific American moment.

#4) Vampire Weekend “Contra”: Yeah, I know. Me too. Totally. Didn’t expect it. So clean, so antiseptic, so blah blah blah car commercial whitewashing of indie rock. Largely true. Also, I listened to “Horchata” more than any other single song this year, seriously considered (and still am) covering “I Think Ur a Contra,” and save for two or three songs that were too sugary even for my sweet tooth, this record impressed the shit out of me. Dude’s melodic sensibility developed exponentially to “nearly perfect pop song” status, as did the short-story detail focus of his lyrical eye (much and unfairly maligned for writing about his set of admittedly urbane upper crust Ivy League BUT ACTUAL experiences—aren’t we supposed to write what we know?). Trust me, I’m as surprised as anybody.

#5) Seeing Levon Helm & Okkervil River with my mom at Terminal 5 in NYC this January: Basking in a proud moment for my buddies in Okkervil aside, it was legitimately awe-inspiring to see Levon up there. Perspective enhancing, humbling. He was genuinely and obviously so thrilled to be there, to still be able to do what he loves, to still have people give a shit, to be healthy enough to perform. About 10 years ago, he played a church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to about 100 people. To see where he is today, killing in front of 3500 grateful and adoring people, and to see it with my mom, my first and truest gatekeeper to any cool music, was a pretty amazing way to start the year.