Culture Bully Presents: 2011 Mashed

Real quick… I just want to say thank you all of the friends I’ve made in the mashup community over the years: the producers who have created some terrific music (including the mashups on Culture Bully’s annual Mashed compilation), and the fans who have taken the time to visit the blog.

About six years ago I posted my first year-end mashup list and thanks to a little luck it received a link from Boing Boing (and a ton of traffic). Without that I likely wouldn’t have pursued blogging. So, when it comes down to it, I owe a lot to mashups: without them and the people who create them this blog probably wouldn’t exist still.

This year’s installment in the annual Mashed series has a bit of a spin: instead of exclusively consisting of new mashups which utilize source tracks that were released this past year it also includes my favorite mashups of the year. So, in addition of the seven new tracks, here are my five favorite mashups that were released in 2011 (for what it’s worth, they’re not in any particular order).

Hope you enjoy the music and thanks for visiting Culture Bully.

(Florence and the Machine vs. Carbon Based Lifeforms)

(Jay-Z vs. Brian Eno)

(Childish Gambino vs. Joker)

(The Isley Brothers vs. Kelis vs. Calvin Harris)

(Queen Vs. Bruno Mars)

(Vanilla Ice vs. Foster The People)

(Ellie Goulding vs. Kanye West vs. Portland Cello Project)

(Fugazi vs. Wu-Tang Clan)

(T.I. vs. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)

(Beastie Boys & Santigold vs. Destroyer)

(The Rapture vs. Fake Blood)

(David Guetta & Usher vs. No Doubt vs. Dev vs. Bryan Adams vs. Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera vs. Eurythmics)

*Previously released