Radnor Lake (Nashville, TN)

Photos taken November 8, 2013 at Radnor Lake in Nashville, TN.

Hataraqq feat. Schelli Tolliver "Slow Woks" Video

During my time spent in Kansas City this year I came across a local producer online, making synth-heavy beats under the Hataraqq alias. Primarily sharing short snippets, and stamping most songs with a unique Cab Calloway imprint, his music reflects a happy medium between Weeknd-leaning nonchalance and traditional hip hop. I really dig his style.

Slow Woks” (which I misread for about six months as “Slow Works”) stood out to me when we originally met, and the track stuck to my bones long after I returned to Nashville. In reconnecting with my friend recently, we put together the idea for this video: Something in the vein of “Revolution 909” with Eddie Murphy, James Brown, c-walking, and Buns of Steel cuts… because what’s a good music video without VHS-ripped jazzercise clips?

[Featured by The Pitch.]