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Culture Bully was a music blog that ran from 2005 to 2012. Archived posts* from the website are available here.

Over the years Culture Bully was referenced and featured by the likes of VH1the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Boing Boing, and Comedy Central.

Culture Bully Presents: Mashed Compilation Albums

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“Top journalistic start-ups of the 2000s”
     -MN Daily, 2009

“This Minneapolis-based blog does a great job of covering it all.”
     -Yahoo! Voices, “The Five Best Music Blogs,” 2009

“Best local blog”, “The Lists of Lists” issue, 2009

“They push the envelope and get away with it.”
     -Murray Newlands, “Top 10 Music Blogs,” 2009

“Of all the blogs the Twin Cities has to offer—and there are a ton of good ones—none is more professionally executed than the music site Culture Bully… It’s rare to see a homegrown blog blossom into a genuine local treasure, but Culture Bully has done just that.”
     -City Pages, “Best Of Minneapolis: Best Local Blog,” 2009

“Culture Bully is the most realized satellite in the local blogosphere. Almost reminiscent of a baby Pitchfork…”
     -MN Daily, “Best of Twin Cities music blogs,” 2009

“(One of the) best music blogs”
     -Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008

“This is the type of site that other bloggers look up to. Extremely professional, top of the line music reporting, classy design. They simply have their shit down, there’s really no other way to put it.”
     -Popsense, “The Definitive List of Best Blogs, 2008

“(One of) the best homegrown blogs.”
     -Metro Magazine, 2008

“Best Blogs of 2007 That You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading”
     -Fimoculous, 2007







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*There are hundreds of articles/posts here including many interviews and "guest posts." If, for any reason, there is a post on this blog that which you have a stake in and you would rather not have those words published here, please contact me and I will take it down.